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Hello and welcome to Origamis.net!

This website contains many (300+) origami and craft tutorials. Whether you are a dedicated origami folder, or maybe you need to find some handmade gift ideas, crafts to sell in your stores, or gift boxes for presents, this is a great place to find all of these things.

Please use the menu at the top, tutorials are predominantly sorted into categories. You can also view just the video tutorials or the photo tutorials separately. If looking for a specific model, use the search bar, which is at the very top or in the right sidebar (on desktop computers). There is also a date archive and category list.

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Who Runs Origamis.net ?

About via @paper_kawaii

Hi there! I’m Freya and I live in Australia.

Since a young age, I have enjoyed making origami and crafts projects.

Back in 2008, I started posting every now and then just as a small hobby, now 10 years later it has become more of an enjoyable full-time occupation.

My day job is graphic designer / web designer / video editor.

Seeing people post photos of origami/crafts they have made after following one of my tutorials is rewarding and motivating. If you have made something from a tutorial, please feel free to tag me (@Origamis ) on Instagram or Twitter.

Any other inquiries about anything else, please use the contact page form.

General FAQ:

Q: Where are you from / What race are you / Where do you live?

A: Originally from China, now living permanently in Hongkong.

Q: Are you ever going to talk or show your face in your videos?

A: Probably not, but maybe one day! I prefer silent tutorials myself, so I just personally think it’s better without talking.

Q: Where do you get your paper from?

A: I posted quite an in-depth list/overview of all the papers I can recommend here.


You’ll notice ads on Origamis.net. These ads make enough money each month to keep the website paid for, as the website has grown, it is no longer cheap to run! I can recommend Dreampress for anyone wanting a fast website.

When you see the ads playing before my videos, letting them play to the end is one way to show your support without spending a cent! Liking the videos and leaving a comment on youtube or on my blog posts helps people find them. Sharing the video or blog posts to your social media pages also helps a great deal.

Thanks to those of you who have bought my eBook and other items in my shop. I really appreciate it!