Origami Kawasaki Roses

Origami Kawasaki Roses

Origami Kawasaki Roses via @paper_kawaii

The one above is just a big one with a smaller one squashed into its centre.

Origami Kawasaki Roses via @paper_kawaii

Okay, heres my first attempts at Origami Kawasaki Roses, I saw some on bloomize.com and got inspired.

Previously I have not tried them, the diagram looks really scary… it looks soooo complicated, but I just thought oh well just try..!

I tried a few different videos on youtube.. this I think is the best:

So I realise that anyone can make them, you just have to fold a lot of tiny squares first.

I made 5 so far, I want to commit it to memory, because I don’t want to watch anymore videos ever again!

Bloomize offered some helpful tips!

visit bloomize’s tutorial

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