Mini Origami Books

Mini Origami Books via @paper_kawaii

Ok, so I went a bit nuts making these books.. there are actually more, that I gave away!

These aren’t true origami books, modular origami for the pages, but the covers are cut and optional glue.

I saw some books on Tweety Atelier which is in Korean. I can’t seem to link to a post directly, sorry, its in origami, on the 3rd page maybe.

The yellow one on the top of the pile is the one from that tutorial, the rest are modifications with different sized paper, and slightly different method with the cover.

I might do a tutorial on this, but I don’t think I’m that great at tutorials, the one I made on the baby shoes, seems no one like it HAHA

I would love to make a book case for them,..

Mini Origami Books via @paper_kawaii Mini Origami Books via @paper_kawaii Mini Origami Books via @paper_kawaii


Photo tutorial:

Mini Origami Books via @paper_kawaii

Video tutorial:

Mini Origami Books via @paper_kawaii

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