5 pointed origami star

5 pointed origami star via @paper_kawaii

Hi Guys, sorry I have been so busy, there has been no new posts in a few weeks.

I’m really getting into the whole Xmas thing, even have a tree set up, its very strange having Christmas in Oz, its hot, theres no snow… people are walking round in shorts.

Anyway, so I’ve been making these 5 pointed origami stars like crazy… I think they’re really neat, the only origami star which has 5 points, and is made from 1 piece of paper.

5 pointed origami star via @paper_kawaii

I think they are really cute…

I’ve been trying out a new origami paper pad with these, its called “Origami Craft Pad, Creatures & Critters”

It has some cute models in it too. Only downside, the paper isn’t quite square…! It would have been better if the paper came in a pack, not a tear off pad.

5 pointed origami star via @paper_kawaii 5 pointed origami star via @paper_kawaii 5 pointed origami star via @paper_kawaii 5 pointed origami star via @paper_kawaii

It has the cutest paper.

Anyway, I found that this diagram of how to first make a pentagon from a square, is the easiest to understand.

5 pointed origami star via @paper_kawaii

Or watch a video I made on how to fold them:

And luckily, Extreme Cards already made a really great photo tutorial which you can click here to view.

And they even made a video to explain the “squashing bit”…as well which you can see at the end of their page.

I think making a big one would be great as the Star for the Xmas tree!

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